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Friday, July 13, 2012

Kenneth Ma's view of Tavia Yeung

What does Kenneth Ma has to say about Tavia?

Tavia Yeung: "Before, I didn't collaborate with her much. 'Three Kingdoms RPG' was our first collaboration. 'The Hippocratic Crush' was the second time. She also came from the Acting Class. I think that her acting is very stable. Her range is also very large. It has been very happy collaborating with her. Tavia is very gracious...can discuss together, because both must feel comfortable when portraying partnering scenes in order for it to work. If met with a female artiste who is very reserved and only does her own scenes, the outcome would not be very good".

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credit to Hyn5

Thoughts: Tavia is definitely a hard working actress. No matter how tired or sick she is; she would finish her scenes. She had never complained, but definitely had break down couple times. After her crying fit, she would stand back up and continue her professionalism.

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