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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Luxury-Insider had an interview with Bernice back in May 2012. I just stumble across it today!! There was a time period where Bernice wasn't in front of the cameras and wasn't at TVB, she was in the hospital doing a surgery. After a surgery she had to grow through so much chromatography. Her parents were really worried about her health and demanded that she leave the entertainment industry behind her. But, Bernice strongly came back and now she is standing up with her two feet and filming in both Mainland and Hong Kong!!

Here's the interview...

Princess Grace: Bernice Liu

Early last year following a serious back injury and maligned by the press Bernice Liu nearly quit show business. Now she is back, standing on her own two feet, holding her head high. Jill Triptree finds the ordeal has left this sweetest and most accessible of stars stronger, never bitter

Last year was, in the famous 1992 words of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, an ‘annus horribilis’ for Bernice Liu. TVB’s Princess – the nickname coined after the character in her first drama for the television station a decade previously – was pilloried by the press in late 2010 when her relationship with wealthy businessman Alistair Lam came to light. Popular fellow TVB actor Moses Chan, with whom Liu had long been linked, was cast in the role of jilted lover. And, unbeknown to the media, Liu had a drama of her own. Having seemingly innocuously jarred her back during filming, the pain worsened to the point that by the turn of the year she was in agony, paralysed down the right side of her body. Privately she checked into hospital for a tricky spine operation; there was a risk she might not recover fully or walk again.

For a girl who had danced from age three and practised martial arts from age eight, being helpless was heartbreaking. Her distressed parents, concerned for her health, insisted she cut ties with the industry and the media as she began long months of physical therapy after the operation. Only recently, as a revitalised Liu re-emerges post-TVB with a new management company has she spoken about last year.

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