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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Welcome to EternityBT!! 

EternityBT main goal is to provide news and updates to the fans of Bernice Liu and Tavia Yeung. 
We are not affiliated to neither Bernice nor Tavia and their managements. 

foreverloveTVB is a blog that I had launched back in June 24, 2008 and recently it had reached its 4th birthday. I have to thank all of you that had made that happen and hope that EternityBT will reach its 4th birthday as well!! 

I hope EternityBT will provide all of you the updates and news of Bernice and Tavia. I hope that each and everyone of you will enjoy this site as I'll put all my effort into this blog. I'll try my best to update!! And of course we love to hear feedbacks and advices from you guys.

The reason I had opened this site is because I'm a huge fan of Bernice and Tavia. And I know that we are all here to support them!! Even though Bernice had left TVB she is now a CTI artiste and also she runs back and forth from Mainland and Hong Kong. One busy girl!! And as for Tavia, she is still under TVB management, but she is accepting series after series. She is also one busy girl, but I wish that she takes a break and cancel those series!! 

Bernice and Tavia were the first artistes that I had stalk when I first became a huge fan of TVB. I have notice Bernice in Love Bond one of my favorite all time series and Tavia from The Academy. And from that on I had always been a huge fan of Bernice. Bernice was basically my idol. Ironically, I had more pictures of Tavia saved up in my computer than Bernice. Slowly, Tavia opened up to me and I became her huge fan. Both, Tavia and Bernice are my idol and hope that I would be able to meet them one day! 

I hope that we all will continue to support Bernice and Tavia and hope that EternityBT will become big and get notice. 

Also I would love to have helpers to update this blog. If you guys are interested please email me at

I will have a detailed post later. 

Please respect everything on this blog and everything are by its rightful owner. 
All right reserved and everything is copyrighted. 

Lastly hope you guys enjoy and have fun!! ;] 

Thank you 

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