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Monday, August 6, 2012

Tavia won Top 10 Most Popular Asian Female Idol...

Recently, Taiwan & China Entertainment had released the awards for Asia's top 10 Most Popular Asian Female Idol award....

Top 10 Most Popular Asian Female Idol - selection results announced. Tavia with 8631 votes becomes the first Hong Kong artiste to make the list! Tavia who gradually maked her way up to TVB Fadan status, delivers excellent performances whether she is in ancient or modern series. In Hong Kong's "The Other Truth" she first appeared with a short hair style, playful and cute, giving people a refreshing feeling.
Thoughts: Congrats to Tavia for winning and making it to Aisa's top 10 most popular female idol!! She definitely deserves it and she is the first from Hong Kong to get the award!! First to be recognize ;]

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