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Monday, August 6, 2012

Tavia is pure as water...

Thirteen years ago, Tavia Yeung entered showbiz and started her acting career. Back then, she didn't learn from others and tried to pull publicity stunts. Perhaps this is the reason why it took her 10 years before she started getting recognition from the public. Tavia depended on her acting and abilities to get where she is today. She doesn't mind being known as "Clear Water" (清水) because you can't become a phoenix overnight.

Clear Water: Practical - Won't Rely on the Media to Gain Recognition

In the recent years, Miss HK contestants haven't even been crowned yet, but are seen all over the headlines of Hong Kong newspapers. In the last 13 years, Tavia rarely had any rumors, it was only in the past two years that the rumors started 'surfacing'. In the early years of her career, she didn't have any scandals, didn't get involved in disputes, never deliberately made any news, she carried as "silent" personality throughout. The media called her 'Clear Water' because she's just as simple as clear water, like she has nothing.

Tavia: "I am Clear Water, I think it's good. At least it's a positive image. At least I'm not some strong cup of alcoholic drink, can't shallow it. Perhaps some people can accept it, while others cannot. In showbiz, the ultimate goal is to be able to be accepted by the public. Think about it, how many people like to drink strong alcohol, while watching TV? When other beverages are drank too much, we will all eventually go back to drinking clear water. So, describing me as Clear Water, I am very pleased."

Clear water differs from other drinks, such as strong alcohol, coffee or tea, it does not require personal taste nor does it have the so-called glamorous rank. A cup of strong alcohol, has a rank, has a taste, it's strong and can get you drunk. Over drinking can get you a hangover, then it's all worthless; A cup of coffee, has a certain value, tangible benefits, many different tastes, people first considers its quality before making a selection, but then its gustation; A cup of Clear Water, has no taste, no fragrance, it's light and clear, but it's thought provoking.

A cup of Clear Water is simple, no additives and is suitable at anytime, any day and in any situation. Compared to other beverages it is more popular because it's "popularized" and very easy to "accept". This describes Tavia, she does not need any exaggerated rumors, just taking it slowly is actually easier for audience to accept her.

Clear Water : Views - This Industry is Uncommon

"Everything originated from a cup of Clear Water, when doing anything, it all starts from Clear Water. Whether Clear Water could be diverse or not, it is all based on how that person is taught."

But, artists should be multicolored and have an unique flavor to be able to make a breakthrough. Aside from being popularized, Clear Water doesn't have any outstanding qualities, but Tavia apparently wants to keep being Clear Water. Even if there is no way she could stand out among all the beverages, it doesn't matter to her.

"I'm willing to be like this, its uncommon to be in this industry, but because it's uncommon, I'm willing to be a commoner. But, the most important is, I hope to maintain the purity, and be Clear Water without any impurity. Even if everyone thinks it's better to have more diversity now, but being simple inside is very important."

Clear Water: Realistic - Depend Only on Hard Work to Climb Up

"I think coming out of the Artistes Training Class is a bit stronger, especially with the fundamentals. I'm not saying Miss HK isn't good, just you spend a longer period of time in the Training Class. You have to go from a nobody to someone that people knows. After completing the training, you have to get chosen by [producers] to be able to participate in TV series. Then, you have to wait for the series to air, and after it airs, you have to see if your character left a deep impression on audience. I believe if you want to get up top, you can only rely on your own hard work. You have to count on yourself, count on leaving a deep impression for audience, and to take advantage of the opportunities before you."

Constant perseverance yields success. It is overtime that your accomplishments are seen. Graduated from the TVB Artistes Training Class, Tavia is like a cup that went through a filter before getting to the drinkable water. She took it step by step getting through the layers and layers of sand, gravel and cotton before she was able to get drinking water out. Each step, each footprint; each series, each role; year after year, day after day of training and learning, got her where she is today.

"I think I'm very lucky and have put in a lot of time. If we take the last 12-13 years, I had a pile of luck because many people have debuted earlier than me, and they have actually been very hard working as well, but they still have nothing."

Clear Water - Procedure: Insist on the Convention

"My current position in the course of my life is I am at the stage of work. My next stage in life may be marriage and having children. Then, I must go through illness and death. I just believe this is a life process. I won't jump over a stage in life and not do it. For example, I want to marry. People have asked me if I want to do a wedding photo shoot, I say of course. It is part of my life memories. If he gets old one day, and realizes you have done so many wedding shoots, but none of them are with the person you love, someone who stands next to you to take these wedding photos, then I feel it's a regret. So, I will not miss these steps."

However, Tavia is not rushed for marriage or having kids.

"I believe women have had a moment where its love at first sight. Of course, you look at the person's appearance first, but when you enter the professional world and meet more people, you will no longer believe love at first sight. Because love at first sight, will never leave from the looks that attracted you. I just feel I have to be more realistic, must look at how his personality is like and be friends first. Because in this industry, there are too many attractive things, there are the beautiful ones, like the handsome and very masculine men, these are all just descriptions based on the outer appearance."


Within the showbiz of brilliant colors, if you don't have status, then you will have to spend a few more years of time in order to gain recognition; If you don't have any eye-catching scenes, then you will have to put in much greater effort to let the audience know that you are around. The "Clear Water" Tavia Yeung, who does not pull publicity stunts, have been in this industry for over 10 years before she gradually gets "free publicity", and this is when she really gets a sense of how popular artists are surrounded by gossips.

Although in reality, we all know newcomers want more rumors and gossips in order to become famous faster, but if these rumors are going on every day, it's going to get boring. Just like drinking the same beverage everyday, eventually it gets tiring. Actually, a cup of Clear Water, wins over every beverage out there.

Reality is reality, must have a realistic attitude. Getting popular from rumors, that's just a moment of fame; Getting popular from your true capabilities, that's going to be lasting; Learn to crawl before learning to walk, slowly leave footprints one step at a time; Becoming popular in a reasonable manner, will get you farther. Tavia Yeung deeply understands this principle, just silently plowing through as a cup of Clear Water.

Source: China Press
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

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