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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Cast's ending of Three Kingdom RPG

Kenneth Ma (SzeMa Shun): "I will bring all the people from the Three Kingdoms to the future. Lau Bei can be the chief executive and Cheung Fei can be the head of the police force, but the most important is that I can marry Song Yau. In the finale, there must be a kiss scene for us too, that's a perfect ending."

Raymond Lam (ChuGot Leung): "SzeMa Shun wanted to bring Song Yau back to the future, but unexpectedly he brings ChuGot Leung instead. Since ChuGot Leung is well educated and talented, SzeMa Shun decides to open a school and let him do all the teaching there and educate more people. SzeMa Shun will be the principal at the school. As for Song Yau, she was left behind in the Three Kingdoms and wasn't able to go to the future with her lover, she sits every day at the location where the portal to the future opens in hope for a miracle to happen. She hopes one day SzeMa Shun can return to the Three Kingdoms, but unfortunately her dream never comes true."

Tavia Yeung (Song Yau): "I get to the future with SzeMa Shun, and teach modern day HK females the good qualities of ancient women and Chinese traditional cooking techniques. In fact, I believe HK females are so busy in the city that they have forgotten Chinese culture, so I will help spread it around. Since I'm back in modern day, I have the freedom to love, just like how it was said in the series, 'good, ugly or bad, its still your choice'. I don't think I'll choose SzeMa Shun! He will instead have to spend more time thinking of how to pursue me again."

Leung Ka Kei (Wong Yuet Ying): "Because ancient women are very pure and gentle, I think men in the future will like them. I'll go to the future with SzeMa Shun and let the modern men know that women aren't just about the looks, but the inner beauty is also very important."

Sharon Chan (Siu Kiu): "SzeMa Shun is too naughty! He should be stuck in the Three Kingdoms as his punishment, so he can crack more jokes and entertain the people in ancient times. Also, it would best for him and Song Yau to get married in the end."

Ruco Chan (Chow Yu): "Don't let Chow Yu die. He has to have a 'relationship' with SzeMa Shun. The two will start out as friends, then turn into close friends."

Cheung Wing Hong (Fan Kan): "SzeMa Shun brings me to the future, so I can continue to serve him. Also, I can keep on being the 'lightbulb' in between him and Song Yau and witness their relationship blossom."

Rachel Kan (Mrs. Kum): "SzeMa Shun successfully brings Song Yau to the future. Song Yau has to get accustomed to life in the future, and they finally have a happy ending. Perhaps the ending can leave room for a sequel!"

Ram Chiang (Man Yuek): "SzeMa Shun brings Song Yau to Mars and the couple opens a KTV and sings 'Always On My Mind' every day, so the aliens can enjoy it!"

Joseph Lee (Lau Bei): "All of us in the Three Kingdoms goes to the future. We go around causing trouble and mess up society. That would be good for a sequel."

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum
I thought this is pretty funny!! They all have their own little ending and of course Kenneth wants a lot of intimate scenes with Tavia. ;] lol  

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